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  1. Dance Play

    concept, performance and text: Ana Mendes, Director: Claire Thill, Choreographer: Mu-Yi Kuo, Design Jeong Hoon Cha, Rehearsal support: Pact Zollverein, Essen, Germany.

    Dedicated to Mahnaz Banaie. 

     Note of the Jury Sophiensaele on Dance Play:

    'We are particularly impressed by the way how she (Ana Mendes) deals with documentary material: she does not stand outside of the material, does not solely present it or describe it. On the contrary her personal voice gently overlaps with the narrative voice of her main character, the Afghan immigrant Basha Posh.

     The only prop, a pair of Nike shoes, turns into a integral part of herself and Basha Posh alike. This process of identification with her character is however never complete. The performer approaches the text with great care and leaves a certain sense of detachment to her body, the language of the piece and the audience.

     This kind of hesitation almost/(which borders) shyness opens a very subtle and touching side that clearly emphasises the relevance and the political meaning of the material presented on stage.